All Waiting Lists Closed

The Housing Authority is not accepting applications at this time.

La Autoridad de Vivienda no está aceptando solicitudes en este momento.

You can find out when the Housing Authority will open its waiting list from one of these on-line sources:

CTHCVP.ORG (a.k.a., 211) lists every Connecticut Housing Authority Section 8 program that is announcing that it will open its waiting list or that has its waiting list open. The Housing Authority also posts a notice on this site when it opens its public housing waiting list. You can also register with CTHCVP.ORG to receive an e-mail when any Housing Authority posts announcements on the website.

AffordableHousingOnline.Com lists open waiting lists and scheduled waiting list openings, including those in Connecticut.

The Housing Authority uses its website (HartfordHousing.Org) to announce when it will open its waiting list and if its waiting list is open. The announcement will appear in the site’s News & Announcements section.

The Housing Authority of the City of Hartford is located at:

180 John D. Wardlaw Way
Hartford, CT 06106

The Housing Authority is currently closed to the public because of COVID-19.